About Me

Erik Stark is a Believer in Christ, Loyal Husband, Super Dad, Property Buyer, Thought Leader, Marketing Ninja, Servant, “Good Life” Advocate and Developer.

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Erik The Business Dude

As a full time American entrepreneur, Erik Stark has chiseled an exceptional life through real estate investing. Having bought and sold over 400+ properties and raising millions of dollars in private money to do so, Erik and his partner have pioneered some of the industries most creative strategies and marketing ideas along the way. Erik and his partner still buy (they don’t sell too much these days) property throughout Southeast Michigan and Southeast Florida where Erik and his family currently reside.
Erik has trained with, learned from, shared stages and coached for the biggest names in the Personal Development and Real Estate niche.

Erik and the Fortune Builders gang.

Sean Stephenson.

Mike Cantu.

Kenny Rushing and Steve Mills .

Getting ready to speak on stage.

Erik with Dr. Michael Shadow, the world’s highest paid negotiator.

Erik with Real Estate Maverick Frank McKinney.

Erik Golfing With Greg Pinneo.

ErikThe Loyal Husband.

“As an investment minded individual, my wife has been my best return on investment”

Erik’s passion comes alive with his family. Being committed to his love goddess wife of 14 years, Erik is constantly improving his marriage through Bible based principles and the men he surrounds him- self with.
A large part of Erik’s growth is knowing his wife supports his crazy entrepreneurial life, setbacks and breakthroughs.

ErikThe Super Dad.

As an entrepreneurial father, Erik enjoys the flexibility of being available when his son needs him and the opportunity to teach the next generation how to never have to work a day in their life if they just find and follow their passions and put God first. Parenting allows Erik to not only teach and give but to learn and understand. Erik enjoys supporting all of his sons interest including his passion for exotic cars and traveling throughout south florid to see the worlds rarest and awesomest exotics. One of Eriks first goals when starting real estate was to be able to drive his son to school each day and still meets that goal every morning.

“seek first to understand, then be understood”

ErikGiving Back.

Erik is very active in his local community belonging to three local men’s groups (and one in Michigan where he frequents for his business) of close knitted business greats that share a desire to do God’s work, “sharpen iron” and push for massive growth together. Erik is a frequent volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, Serving the homeless at The Ebenezer Church in Boca Raton each Thursday, Supporter of Sheridan House Ministries, World of Hope and several other charities that help those who are less fortunate. Erik is also hyper active in teaching others the business, marriage and life strategies he has learned along the way on his journey to achieve greatness.

“The Greatest Payday I Can Receive is Giving To Others”

But Don’t Take My Word For It. If You REALLY Want to Know Me, Follow Me and See For Yourself.