Here's How To Cut Through The Clutter, Avoid BS, Learn From A REAL Investor How To Profit Wildly, Grow Wealth in TODAY'S Market and Achieve All of Your Goals with Strategies I guarantee Your Competition Isn't Using…

Do You Want To Have Laser Focused Attention from an Underground Expert That Has Purchased Over 400 Properties, Invested Over $150,000 of His Money on Education, Learned from ALL of The Industries Top Educators, Blown Theories Out of The Water, Does The Opposite of What Everyone Else Is Doing…and Is Succeeding Radically?!?

If you have the guts to face the truth behind what it takes to learn cash generating and wealth building skills of the best in the industry…you too can get direct, personal coaching from the "underground" expert himself !

Comments From a Totally Free Podcast I did for My Friends Josh and Brandon at the community. Imagine What You Get When We Join Forces!!!

This was an amazing podcast. I am two years outside of my MBA and never stopped reading entrepreneur books. The concepts in this podcast are at the core of marketing and business and is put in language that anyone can understand. I wish my MBA program was half as good as this podcast.
Nothing beats experienve.

Thanks again for more inspiration to quit my 9-5

David C.


One of the best podcasts with wealth of information on real estate from marketing to closing deals.
Simply love it - Thank you so much!

Brandon and Joshua - Good job as always!

This Is For Serious Investors, Entrepreneurs and Real Estate Agents that…

…Are Finally Ready To Take Their Mindset, Business and Life To The Next Summit.

…Want Advice From Someone Who Has Spent The Money, Invested in The Programs, Went To The Seminars and Boiled All The BS Out and Focused on RESULTS.

…Need Help Structuring a Deal.

…Want To Learn Advanced Marketing Skills To Crush Their Competition.

…Want To Learn HOW To Actually Write Up An "Intelligent" Offer.

…Are Looking to Owner Finance a Property and Not Sure How to Write A "Creative Deal" That Has Value in The Eyes of A Seller.

…Would Like a Professional Negotiator to Handle Your Deals For You.

…Would Like to Know How to Get Deals in Todays Market.

…Need Direct 1 on 1 Coaching to Help You Understand the Fundamentals and Dynamics Better through Investment Real Estate.

This No BS, Sixth Grade Approach Will Be Pulling Back the Curtain Into the World of Making Fast Cash and Securing Wealth, Showing You How We Bought Hundreds of Properties, Built Great Lives By Always Having Tons of Available Spendable Cash and Secured Our Futures By Buying Long Term, Well Negotiated, In Demand Real Estate.

Dear Frustrated Investor,

My Name Is Erik Stark and for the last 8 years I have been a hyper active real estate investor handling everything from foreclosure/REO's to probate to commercial to multi family. I have negotiated with attorneys and judges, along with high end Realtors and savvy property owners. To this day, our team (of three mind you) have found, analyzed, prepared, negotiated, raised private funds, closed, remodeled and sold over 400 properties, including single family homes, multi family units, commercial retail centers, commercial office centers, land development and vacant land.

The goal is a fair deal. The strategy is to over deliver value.

Aside from building a full time operation with a proven track record, I have also studied extensively with every real estate educator, both known and not known on the circuit. In the process I made them all my friends so when I need a direct answer, I send them a text and cut through the BS of searching home study courses. I have paid extensively for those results…and I still continue to work with the best, so I can be the best. How would you like to receive all the benefits, knowledge and breakthroughs from my mentors that I have already paid for?

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.
-Jim Rohn

Here is just some of the education I have not only studied but also have implemented the most vital pieces and made them adaptable to my everyday operation.


  • 1 on 1 Coach and Honorary Mastery Student for Fortune Builders Mastery ($40,000).
  • 1 on 1 Coach for Preston Elys REO Rockstar ($997 Entry-$5,000 1 on 1).
  • Elite Student, AAA Graduate, Hands On Tour Experience, 2 Time Power Player and Presentation.
  • Speaker at Greg Pinneo's COR Company ($67,000).
  • Personally Mentored by Preston Ely (aside from studying all his products) ($20,000).
  • Studied with Dr. Michael Shadow (The worlds highest paid negotiator) ($10,000).
  • Interview and Training with Joe Girard (Guinness Records Worlds Greatest Salesman).

Home Study Courses.

  • Larry Goins Buying and Selling Machine.
  • Larry Goins Rehabbing for Profit.
  • Heather Sietz.
  • Reo Rockstar.
  • Probates By Preston.
  • Freedomsoft Advanced User and Beta Product Tester.
  • Preston Elys Wealth Warrior.
  • Preston Elys Real Estate Mogul.
  • Preston Elys Red Pill.
  • Fortune Builders Wholesaling U.
  • Fortune Builders Rehab Course.
  • Fortune Builders Marketing for Deals.
  • Dan Kennedy Marketing.
  • Matt Bacak Marketing.
  • Steve Cooks Wholesaling For Fast Cash.
  • Floyd Wickman.
  • Mind of The Millionaire Wholesaler.
  • Colin Egbert 2.0
  • Cris Chico Virtual Wholesaling.
  • Wake Up Productive Eben Pagan.
  • Guru BLueprint Eben Pagan.
  • Lewis Howes 500 Million Strong.
  • Social Media Riches.


  • Everything By Preston Ely.
  • Everything By Fortune Builders.
  • Tim Mai - Do Deals Using Virtual Assistants.
  • Kenny Rushing - No Pitch Seminar.
  • Mike Collins - No Pitch Seminar.
  • Dan Kennedy.
  • Jim Fleck.
  • Marshall Sylver.
  • Collin Egbert REI Connect.
  • T Harv Ecker-0 Millionaire Mind Intensive.
  • Cris Chico Virtual Wholesaling.
  • Dr Michael Shadow Negotiation.


  • What you don't see is over 10,000 hours in the field, every day (and night) in the real estate industry, sacrificing many nights and weekends from my family so I can always keep an edge on the marketplace.
  • Building a Team of Realtors, Bird dogs, Lenders, Title Reps, Deputies, Scouts, Contractors, Legal so everyone shares the same vision and keeps on their specialized task.
  • Learning communication skills to always get what you want by giving people what they need.
  • Traveling the country to sit in on private masterminds where we learn key secrets from those far above my level who simply pass the baton down to those who want to be in their position.
  • Corporate negotiations with estate attorneys to settle probate situations.
  • Over 400 deals done by putting other peoples money where my mouth is. Thats right, we raised money to flip properties and never shorted anyone on a payment or a payoff. You will never find 400 PAID OFF mortgages on my credit report…but call the Register of Deeds, they can show you proof.
  • Managing contractors and people skills.
  • Working with city officials to develop programs and procedures for redevelopment and new construction.
"Education is What You Get When You Read The Fine Print. Experience is What You Get When You Dont"


I have read hundreds of books over the last several years. These few are still reread each year and have had the largest impact on my life and those around me.

  • The Bible-The Absolute Greatest Coaching Book (In My Opinion).
  • Oh The Places You'll Go - Seuss Geisel
  • Psycho Cybernetics - Max Maltz
  • When I Relax I Feel Guilty - Tim Hansel
  • Personality Plus - Florence Litauer
  • The Way Of The Superior Man - David Deida
  • The Charge - Brendon Burchard

Become a part of my recommended book club and I'll keep you posted on my favorite reads, what I am reading currently and books that will drastically cut your learning curve.

MOST Importantly, I will show you the mistakes I have made and how you can avoid them.

"The man who cannot show me mistakes cannot show me anything"

I'll Show You How To:

  • Avoid Getting Sucked Into "Shiny Object Syndrome" of Every New Product and Promise.
  • Avoid Getting Sidetracked In Your Daily Action Plans Toward Success.
  • Prevent Yourself From Overwhelm In Your Daily Quest Toward Greatness.
  • Avoid "Burn-Out" In The Industry.
  • Protect Yourself From Vultures, Naysayers and Negative Energy.
  • Redirect Your Thinking To Increase Awareness and Become an Attractive Person.
  • Regain Focus In 5 Minutes When You Come To a "Friction Fork" .

WHY, you ask? So I can achieve results and deposit checks like this;

If you are looking to increase your income, reclaim your time, build a business, build a marketing system, and learn how to leverage time, talent and money to improve your lifestyle …I would like to make you an offer you cannot refuse.

This direct, 1-on-1, complimentary "business brain detox" session will dissect your BIGGEST frustrations in your business and give you simple action steps to get on the path to productivity and prosperity. This is not a brainstorm where we go over "war stories" and chat like friends. This is a serious cleansing of any and all BS that is holding you back from being where you want to be. I must warn you, this is not for everyone. If you're looking for biz op riches and push button success, this is not for you. If you're not ready to work hard, this is not for you.

I will be taking a peek into your life and bringing you the reality I too had to face in order to get where I am today. The more transparent and authentic you are with me, the more I will be able to help you.

This initial "business brain detox" is private, recorded and yours to do what you want with. If you feel you did not get any value, I will send you every educational product I have for free and give you a complete marketing plan for your business so you begin changing the direction of your life and hopefully realize what I have given you works.

How Is That For A Put My Money Where My Mouth Is Guarantee?

If you like what we discuss, you may consider getting into monthly coaching, one on one mentoring, deal partnering or an internship if you live locally. I always give before I ask. That philosophy has served me well.

As I said, this is not for everyone. This info may come across harsh, yet if you want me to be truly vested in your success, I will need to know everything about your current situation, life and business operation so I can cleanse, tweak and restructure your framework to be as equally as efficient as you are hard working. YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK HARD.

Nothing is more frustrating than working hard and realizing it is not getting you where you want to be. Leverage yourself. Use my knowledge and cut through the clutter of BS you're being taught today.

Download This Survey. Fill It Out and Email it To My office will be in contact with you to set up a time for us to do the Business Brain Detox Session

You have nothing to lose. I take all the risk. My time is VERY valuable so I will be as sharp as a razor during this call. If I sense, you wont be, I reserve the right to refuse, redirect or repurpose our conversation to get you prepared for the one call that will drastically improve your life.

One of the best podcasts I've heard. Thanks Erik.
Where in FTL are you? I want to make sure i'm not mailing to the same areas :-)

- Jeff.

Wow, great podcast Erik! After listening to your presentation in Vegas this year. I got super excited when your name showed up on this weeks podcast because you gave an incredible speech out there. Your true riches of life is something that really caught my attention and constantly serves as an inspiration to me. Could you share with us any more tips you have on what to say when going door knocking? I really need to do but freaks me out. Kind of reminds me of that scene in Ace Ventura "Hi, I'm looking for Ray Finkle...And a clean pair of shorts!"

-Erik Bystrom.

Wow! Outstanding - Do you ever speak in the Detroit area? Would love to hear you talk real-estate investing.

- Deborah Walleman.

Wow, another GREAT one guys. Lots of meat on those bones!! Erik, its always good to hear more sharp marketing tricks.

Thanks so much!!

-Melodee Lucido.


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To Your Success,
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