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The 5 Principles of Focus (A Biblical Approach to Growth and Leadership)

This is a recent call from our Tuesday Men’s Group, Biblical Leadership for Entrepreneurs In this short (less than 20 minute) discussion you’ll learn the 5 Principles of Focus and what it takes to be a focused leader in today’s confused, wanderous would. You’ll also be able to walk yourself through 5 simple questions that […]

How to overcome being overcome

“Fresh activity is the only means of overcoming adversity” -Goethe     In this episode, David Toupin and I discuss how to overcome being overcome. Being an entrepreneur is the loneliest job in the world. Keeping your energy bank filled is what makes you operate at your best. In this episode you’ll learn a quick […]

Know How Vs How To: Eliminating Variables and The Color By Number Approach to Life

“Fun Fact: Color by Number painting kits were originally created in 1951 by Craftmaster brand (Palmer Painting) promising “A beautiful oil painting on your very first try”.  Sales were so slow at first the company “hired” buyers to come to the store and make it appear as if they were flying off the shelves. They […]


You may recognize Erik from one of the many underground interviews he has been featured on sharing his in depth knowledge of real estate acquisition and finance. Perhaps you have seen him on stage revealing how his partner and himself have bought and flipped over 400 properties in just 5 years. Maybe Erik knocked on your door this past Thanksgiving to deliver you and your family a meal for the holidays. Perhaps you don't know him at all. Well, now its time to meet The Real Erik Stark. Over the last 10 years, Erik has transformed his life from being an unfulfilled car flipping, detail shop manager to a happily married (of 12 incredible years), oceanside living, Rockstar Dad and real estate expert who is already on his first retirement.

Not only has Erik lived a large life over these past 10 years, but Erik repeatedly breaks down his barriers to achieve life at its fullest. Whether in business, relationships, marriage, parenting, giving back or just learning to enjoy the great life he has earned without having any guilt, Erik repeatedly sets out to conquer and crush his life's adversities.

Follow along as Erik shares his Golden Nuggets and Revelation Breakthroughs.