Erik Stark is an Expert Real Estate Entrepreneur, Educator, Marketer, Ubercool Dad and Dedicated Husband of 15+ Years.


Erik Has Purchased Hundreds of Properties, Created Masterful Marketing Pieces, Shared the Stage With the Top Real Estate and Personal Development Educators, Helped Thousands of People Improve Their Lives and Continues to Pour His Life Into People, Friendships, Disciplines, Breakthroughs and Growth.

Looking for Real Help in Your Real Estate Business?


There is Nothing Here That Will Ever Help You

However, If You Are Willing To Put Forth The Effort, Are Consistent In Your Work Ethic and Just Want A Proven Way To Find Larger Equity Spreads, Gain Ever Increasing Market Share and Become Financially Independent Through Real Estate…Read On



Before We Begin, I Am Asking for Permission to Be Honest with You and Give You 3 Reasons Why This Page May Not Be For You.

1. I Cannot Make You Money Fast

Its true. Nothing I can do will help you make money FAST. The internet is filled with portals that will be glad to take you for a wild ride and give you promises of magic pills and shiny objects.

This is not one of them.

I would like to give you a small ray of hope, that if you can stay the course, remain consistent in your daily efforts and can follow some basic ideas that honestly become boring once you master them (leaving it wide open to hire someone to handle the process for you under your guidance), I can show you a few unique ways to make unusually large paydays with little risk and little of your own time.

At the time of this writing I am sitting in upscale mountainside condo in beautiful Costa Rica getting a $20,000 medical procedure done that I just paid cash for…


What you might care about is since I have been here for the last two weeks I was able to buy and sell a property back in Michigan which we profited $68,180.40 with less than 5 hours of my assistants time. I also paid my assistant a nice $7500 bonus for doing an amazing job. Here is a copy of the check. (I won’t lie to you and claim that we made the whole $88180.40. Our $20,000 earnest money was included in this amount…true net profit was $68,180.40)

However it was not always this way…

We’ll talk more about this later

2. If You Are Not Willing To Work, You Will Not Like Anything I Have to Offer…Ever

Listen, I get it.

Everything now a days is meant to give instant gratification.

Even then, it never comes fast enough and everywhere we look, people are living incredible lifestyles, traveling the world, have not stepped foot in their office in months (or have no office) and are making money so fast, they end up putting some “side money” into bitcoin and making another couple hundred grand completely by accident. 98% is pure online BS.

Real success requires REAL work.

Take a moment and think about the most successful people you ACTUALLY know.

What is their work ethic like?

I know my mentor who is worth $1.9 billion dollars, owns over 4600 residential properties and over 300,000 sq ft of prime commercial real estate space outworks every single staff member in his office…

Besides, do you really think you would ever have the respect for your empire if you didn’t sacrifice heavily to achieve it?

3. If You Are Looking For Easy, You Are Looking For The Wrong Thing…(and NOTHING anyone ever does will help you)

Don’t take my word for it. How has that been working for you?

I am not trying to be harsh, however your results will speak for me.

…I spent $8000 for 1 – 50 minute phone call and it was one of the most painfully true calls I ever had…

That call changed my life.

You know whats more painful than spending $8000 to learn a cold hard truth?

Bouncing from page to page looking for push button software or laptops with built in check printing capabilities where you will eventually realize the brutal truth that you have to put in some serious effort to get the intended result…

I think my life purpose has become getting to the truth as quickly as I possibly can.

The message I received on that phone call was so powerful because it summarized everything I ever experienced while searching for the “easy button”.

Now a days it is “easier” for me to sit here in front of a computer screen and make over $60,000 while here in this tropical paradise however getting to this point required a lot of up front effort…sacrifice…late nights…early mornings…time away from my family… and HARD WORK.

I was looking for “me” 10 years ago and found many portals along the way that sidetracked me.

So if you came here looking for FAST money, didn’t want to work hard and were looking for easy, the fact that you are still reading tells me there is a possibility I can help you….

So here is the ONLY way that I can ever help you


The Level of Commitment You Give to Yourself, Is the Only Level of Commitment You Will EVER Receive From Anyone Else.

Think about it!

Do you think its possible to make money in real estate?

Do you believe that there are people making serious money in real estate in today’s economy?

What if I showed you exactly how we made that $60,000+ right now?

Would you pull out your credit card and beat a path to our door demanding we teach you how you can do more of the same?

You likely wouldn’t even though we committed to you UP FRONT.

Why is this?

Do you not believe what we said is true?

The problem lies in our ability to believe in ourselves and commit to doing whatever it ethically takes to succeed.

Its normal human nature.

However if we were to load up a page with fancy graphics, video testimonials and all kinds of psychologically attractive wording to “convince you” that this is EASY and that you can do it just as easily, you would be much more willing to give your card information.

That may be brutally honest however its the number one principle behind why so many search endlessly and NEVER get results…

THEY NEVER COMMIT TO THEMSELVES and only commit to whats easy.

They have fallen for the oh-so-easy trap that appeals to our selfish human nature and therefore become blinded by anything that resembles work.

Internally, the conversation goes like this:

“I’ll do it if its convenient however if most people are making money without effort, I can do the same cause I’m pretty smart”.

And that’s how our brain plays tricks on us.

I hope you can appreciate the transparency. I have no fancy graphics or slick sales talk.

I’d rather spend my time developing strategies and marketing pieces that actually get results for our clients, rather than spending my time creating fancy sales pages to get new clients.

Is that ok with you?

Now That We Have Gotten Past That I’d Like to Tell You What I Can Do For You and What You Can Expect From Me…

1. Simple, implementable strategies that I have proven to work in my own business that have been successful for us that you can begin implementing in your own business right now…

2. Bold offers for you to take action and commit to what we are offering to help you in your real estate business.

That’s it!

So you are probably thinking “Can you believe this guy? He comes right out and says he is going to send me bold offers”

You didn’t really think you would REALLY learn how to make $68,180.40 and take it serious without you having to make a commitment did you?

Here’s the deal…

I am confident in what we do and am confident that if you are committed to taking action and follow the steps we reveal to you, we can help you in your real estate business.


It’s a new economy way to doing business.

I call it the “really help people tactic” and it works really, really well when you have someone committed to doing the work required to get there…


So How Do I Know That What You Offer Can Really Help Me?

The easiest way is for you to get some of my free materials and try them out.

Blog posts. Free reports. Audio recordings. Marketing pieces. Simple stuff.

Chances are that once you experience success with those materials you will come back and want more ideas and strategies that will continue to give you more success.

Its that simple.

So now that I have given you every reason why this may not have been for you and you are still here reading, perhaps I should tell you why this may be for you…

First and foremost, I am no guru.

I still make the bulk of my income from real estate which I began doing in 2006 as a horrible real estate agent.

While sitting floor time one day, I began searching online for “investment real estate courses” and came across a slew of bright colored, flashy sales pages that showed money falling from the sky, with mansions, Bentley’s and yachts and I became hooked at the lifestyles these guys were promoting.

I remember sitting their with my high school friend, who shared the same entrepreneurial spirit I did and was committed to make this real estate thing work and being scared to press the “buy” button for $297 (that’s the whole commitment thing…and I even genuinely believed that this was possible).

I was a instant victim that became a victor…eventually

I searched, struggled and tried to find my way until I finally did my very first deal in September 2007 and made my first $5700 assignment fee…Here is a copy of that check too.

It was a golden moment.

I rehearsed that transaction over and over until the “how to” became “know how”.

Then, in April 2008, I formed an official partnership with my high school buddy and “it” clicked.

We did 35 deals from April til December and made over $250,000 in less than 8 months.

Then in 2009 we did over 80 deals…

In 2010 we did over 90 deals…

That’s when foreclosures were abundant. We were buying houses on Monday morning for $14,000 and selling them Monday afternoon for $28,000.

in 2011, the market began to turn. The inventory begin to dry up, market began to flood with more investors wanting in on the action.

That’s when we made the change from doing foreclosures to buying direct from property owners.

This is where we really began to make big wins in our business, pioneer some of the greatest marketing pieces in our industry, structure deals that allowed us to make money from real estate and financing and move to a whole new level of real estate…

Those $14,000 assignment fee’s quickly turned into $35,000, $50,000 even $88,000.

We began creating marketing pieces that generated very focused responses from our target markets…both buyers and sellers.

We learned the art of owner financing and made money from the bricks and sticks as well as the financing…

We discovered zoning and land developments that supercharged our paydays…

We mastered the process of controlling properties and made more money with less risk…

…and several other superchargers that changed the ways we did real estate forever.

And over the years we were interviewed and endorsed by some of the largest educators in the industry.

Guys like Than Merrill and the Fortune Builders Team.

Preston Ely and his REO Rockstar and Real Estate Mogul community.

Cory Boatright and his Profit Masters community.

Greg Pinneo and his Power Players Program

and several other in-the-trenches investors who are hyper active and just looking for cutting edge strategies to implement in their business.


Here Is How I Can Help You Specifically

My main goal is to teach you how to position yourself as a professional property buyer, create marketing that delivers consistent, measurable results with ever increasing market share year after year with no additional effort…

This is the foundational turning point to finding exceptionally large equity spreads that allow you to call the shots on selling for quick cash, developing for large paydays or build wealth to become free through real estate.

He who controls the inventory calls the shots…



Here Is My Bold Offer For You

I am a firm believer that anyone who offers to help someone in their business without first knowing what they need help with is committing malpractice…

So I would like to earn your trust and believe that in being transparent, giving you some of my free content, you will like the results you receive from them and then come back to work one on one with my team and me.

If that works for you, let me send you a few free reports, some free content and if you like what you receive, you can always respond back to those emails and we can determine if what we offer is a fit for what you need…

…Or if you are ready to begin you can simply email me at and we can hop on a quick call to discuss what you are struggling with and see if we can provide a solution.

Thank you for reading my rant. Since you made it this far, you must be as committed to your success as I am.

Look forward to helping you live a better life through real estate.


Erik Stark