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Here you will find a collection of the last decade of my rants, writings, tools, strategies, ideas, reports and occasional successes I encountered in our real estate business. You can also visit my blog to hear more incredible stories of my journey in real estate and creating a live worth living.

Please note, that while these resources are completely free to use at your discretion, you should always consult a professional or legal counsel when investing, using these documents or risking anyone’s capital to invest in real estate.

My results are not typical to most. I just showed up, did the work, made a lot of mistakes and did my best to record as much of them so you can go through and learn from them.

Enjoy! and let me know how I can help…


Education Is What You Get When You Read The Fine Print. Experience Is What You Get When You Don’t



Learn How To Buy Your First (Or Next) Real Estate Property, Without Spending Thousands on Home Study Courses, Losing Hundreds on Failed Marketing Campaigns, Getting Black Booked By Realtors and Burning Yourself Out Before You Even Get In The Game

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Are You Ready To Start Crushing It In Real Estate…Just Not Sure Where to Begin? Ill Tell You EXACTLY What I Did When Moved to Florida and Built a New Business From Nothing…Plus You Will Get Answers From 25 of The Nations Top Investors On What They Would Do If They Had to Start Over. Let Me Rush You A Copy of Real Estate Investing Rock Stars.

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Are you tired of living a life that doesn’t define you?  Live the life you truly desire by knowing WHAT MATTERS and making it a part of your daily routine. The WHAT MATTERS growth journal is the answer to getting buried in lifes ever growing “to do” list that no matter how filled it gets or how many boxes get checked off, doesn’t define you at your core. The What Matters journal is currently in its pre release phase. If you would like to be considered for the first edition release, please enter your email or contact us at

7 Ways in 7 Days To Find Buyers

Looking for a low cost way to build a real buyers list? Don’t waste your time trying to build a 4000 person buyer list. Truth us, we sell to our same 7-10 buyers over and over and over. Learn how to build a hyper active, focused buyers list of ready, willing and able buyers who pay cash, close fast and don’t care how much money you make.

It doesn’t matter what type of economy you are in. These strategies will always work.

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Secret to Success Report

Success is ever evasive. Its easy to abandon what you are doing and venture over to where other people make it seem easy.

After 10+ years of interviewing and having conversations with top level real estate entreprenuers, I began to notice patterns of just how investors were having massive success in real estate. In this report Ill reveal 16 of those patterns that are foundational principles for success in any business, especially real estate.


Secret to Seller Negotiation Report

Looking for a streamlined, no nonsense approach to getting sellers down to reality?

The easy to read report will show you a simple strategy that we have used to purchase several hundred properties. It offers no magic fairy dust to making sellers sign on the dotted line. However this simple-to-follow, tried and true process gets your sellers to open up, let their guard down, reveal their pain points and have you two talking like old friends.. Through a series of non invasive questions, creating a “yes” state environment and getting the seller to agree with you, you will have armed yourself with a bulletproof process for discovering motivated sellers.

Inside you’ll find our exact strategy, questions and time line for revealing seller motivation. You’ll also receive the seller reference card to use before you make and take phone calls. We’ll also throw in a copy of The 9 Words To NEVER Use With A Seller and Our Seller Objection cheat sheet.

Grab your copy of this easy-to-read, simple-to-implement seller negotiation strategy and you’ll finally feel in control of your conversations with sellers.

Secret to Seller Marketing Report

Let your marketing become your hardest working employee… In today’s saturated real estate market, not knowing who your ideal avatar is will have you speaking to everyone as if they have the same needs. By not knowing who your avatar is, you’ll never know what it is they are looking for and therefore you’ll be sending messages that have virtually no mental impact on them at all. By not knowing what messages you are communicating, you dont know what problems you have to solve.

All this leads to wasted advertising dollars.

Understanding what triggers probate owners to respond is much different than someone dealing with financial distress. Understanding how to hyper focus your target market is the New Economy way to increase your revenue while gaining more market share.  In this report Ill reveal the simple-to-implement six step process that once its created, will become the hardest working “employee” on your team that is available for the market to respond to 24 hours a day. No magic. No BS. Just the boiled down proven process that today’s most successful investors and companies use to discover ONLY those who are looking for their services…and communicate to them specifically.

I guarantee you will see ever increasing market share year after year once you implement this process into your business…




Documents – These are the most common documents we use inside of our real estate business. Many of these have been created by attorneys and a few were simply borrowed from our respective friends in the industry. Feel free to use them at your own risk. I highly recommend that you consult with an attorney, pay the few dollars to make sure that you and everyone you do business with are protected.

Seller Call In Lead Interview Sheet

Scripts for talking with buyers

Example prom note-1

Example Payoff

Example Mortgage

Answering Scripts – These are very simple and basic scripts that I rarely used. I found that when I speak naturally and then began to learn and build great responses around peoples questions and responses to me, that we connected more and I ended up buying more real estate. We use scripts now mainly for our 24 Hour Pre Recorded Message. I prefer to take most of my sellers calls live. However, these scripts are tried and true proven questions to determining sellers motivation and buyer qualifications. They work, if you do. Just don’t sound like a robot…

Example of An Answering Service Script

Option Agreements – An option gives you the ability to control a piece of real estate without being obligated to purchase it such as with a purchase agreement. The flex option would get eaten alive in a courthouse battle so don’t use it for a property that is highly in demand or an incredible deal. Although the flex option is a great simple tool to control a little booger property, it is not sufficient in the real estate world to deal with savvy buyers and sellers. Learn to use the power of options. You should always be giving sellers the “option” to buy their property at their “la -la land” price. One day, it just may be worth it and you made money from a lead you normally (hopefully) would just follow up on to buy later or worse, you just threw it away. Options are very powerful tools. Learn to use them and you’ll be surprised at the deals that circle back and make you an unexpected mini win-fall. Its happened to us a few times.

Option To Purchase

Flex Option To Purchase Wholesale Deals

Assignment – Assignments happen to be my second favorite deal to structure. There are so many incredible possibilities.This is not much more than an addendum to the agreement that will be given to the title company to collect your assignment fee. A few caveats with assignments is that many title companies and attorneys require buyer and seller (and in some cases, the lender) to sign off. Assignments are perfectly legal, however, the determining factor is the level of transparency the assignment is seen by both parties. Some instances are just easier to shift the cost to the buyers side for your fee, others are on the sellers side. Assignments that cannot be transferred to the buyers side because of a lender, may require you to have the seller pay you your fee from their proceeds. A simple way to make these situations sweeter for the seller, if need be is to offer to pay their closing costs. We do offer deal negotiation and structuring services for those interested in having your ready-to-go deals negotiated and structured for you. Inquire within!

Assignment of Contract

Mortgage Docs – The mortgage, note and payoff were designed to be very simple so they didn’t overwhelm lenders. I recommend you have these checked out by an attorney to make sure they comply with your situation and local laws. We have used these documents for nearly all of the 400+ transaction we have done and there has been very little refutal to them.

Example Mortgage

Wholesale Buyer Docs – While I rarely used these items, they are great beginnings to making you a pro in the game. Use the wholesale template to create an incredible marketing piece to sell your real estate deals. The pre qual form is for meeting buyers/wholesalers and learning their financial performance so you know whether they are real buyers or just wholesalers. I always heard people say they had thousands of people on a buyers list. Interestingly enough, we sold the majority of our assignment deals to the same 9 buyers. Learn to REALLY distinguish REAL buyers from wholesalers. I recommend you NOT EVER giving yourself the name of “WHOLESALER”. Be a buyer. These docs will help get you there.

Wholesale Packet

Wholesale Buyer Prequalification Form

RETTVA – This document may not be available in all states. This document allows you to “mostly” hide the sale prices of the properties you buy and sell. Price can still be determined by checking the deed and working the recording numbers out. Not many go through or even know to do that process.

Real Estate Transfer Tax Valuation Affidavit

Purchase Agreement – This is a super simple PA. I recommend using your state approved documents, such as a realtor PA if allowed (consult an attorney), although this simple one will suffice and again is super easy to explain to sellers or buyers. Whatever agreement you end up settling on, READ IT UNTIL YOU  KNOW WHAT EVERY LINE ITEM MEANS.

simple 2 page PA

I Cannot Teach Anyone. I Can Only Make Them Think

Reports – These reports are only a fraction of the actual amount of rants and ideas I managed to not only put on paper, but had the where-with-all to sit down and make it somewhat half ass of a report/book/white paper, etc. However, forget the images, the formatting, the grammar and focus on the content. I assure you that every word, strategy, story, rant and document ever written by me is from factual events in my life and have made us hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit and millions of dollars in revenue. There is more where these came from and if you really want to get a glimpse of the real content, you should consider getting involved in annual coaching where we can really offer massive value in exchange for the financial investment/sacrifice required. Until we meet at the board room, enjoy this free material.

Marketing Report

Fearless Flipping (Motivation) – This was one of my rants I wrote when we began coaching and so many people were getting hung up on minor details and spending time where it wasn’t necessary. This was like an Erik 2.0 version investor (now I should at least be at a 7.0). It only takes a second although this isn’t all that important.

Fearless Flipping Motivational Report

Two Guys 6 Figures

Gun To Your Head Wholesaling.

Spreadsheets – If you really know me, you know I am an old school, write it out long hand, figure it out the hard way type of entrepreneur. I rarely choose the path of least resistance. However, these spreadsheets have allowed me to analyze deals faster, determine rental income with more accuracy, create value where originally thought it was not possible and gave our company simple leverage to do more with less. Enjoy these spreadsheets and ALWAYS double check your work….Preferably longhand.
Daily loan calculator

Erik Stark’s calculations

Loan Calculator

Monthly rental income

Profit Expense Calculator


Swipe Files – These swipe files are the result of several years of receiving just about every investors mail pieces in our target market. When we opened our business in South Florida, we found an incredibly large, private, independent landlord who took a liking to us so much that he began giving us all the mailers he was receiving and this was crucial to our start in Florida. These swipe files are a mix of some of the better mailers we received and should be considered when you decide to create your ultimate mail piece. I would not recommend just taking someones mail piece and using it for yourself without making some adjustments for the simple fact that having the ability to make your phone ring with leads, is only 25% of the equation. If the person answering the phone is not the same as the one they “heard” in the letter/postcard, you simply wont be able to convert. Use this swipe file as a guide. A Resource for helping you prepare mentally to craft a unique marketing piece that allows you to get great responses and also convert the leads as they come.

These swipe files represent just a small fraction of ones we have collected. Over the years, we have swipe files from each of our separate campaigns. However, the reason ours seem to perform a little better is due to us being “genuine, authentic and sincere” (which is what the sellers tell us why they called). This is SIMPLY because we understand WHICH target market we are speaking to and how to speak to them more personally and on topic to their situation. Gather them from as many sellers you can.

As you will see, many of these letters and cards do a great job of “blending in” although they each have specific, alternating messages. You will notice only one card and one letter amongst these has a totally separate approach. These are the ideas you need to generate in order to differentiate yourself from the rest.


Bandit Sign Tips – While we don’t use bandit signs any longer in our business, we did generate great responses from our controversial ways of advertising. The bandit signs attached were actual headlines we used that generated the majority of our responses. Some of them not always polite or business like, however, we accomplished our goal with each one of them. Check with your municipality first, which has likely outlawed the very signs that drive traffic to help investors sell more houses and clean up the cities who lack the ability to take care of them on their own. They work. However, so do the sign police. Use these at your own discretion.
Bandit Sign Tips.docx

bandit sign voodoo.ppt

Deal Journal – One of the habits I wished I would have picked up earlier was to create and keep an updated deal journal. There are so many stories, strategies, lessons and good ole memories inside of our past several hundred deals. Only until recently did I begin keeping a deal journal. I am in the process of creating a digital journal that will allow us to add photos of projects and capture more of the moments that make up these great stories behind the transfers of ownership. Download this and think back as far as you can to add as many deals to your journal as possible and then whoever handles all of your escrow and closing files, have them slip a deal journal entry in there for you to fill out and have added. One day, this journal will literally millions of dollars in actionable strategies and ideas.

Deal Journal Template.docx

The Wealth Building Infographic – After using my napkin sketch to describe how we were quietly making several hundred thousands of dollars, moving collateral, substituting mortgages and rolling these deals over and over and over, I finally created an actual timeline of how you can apply this strategy to your next wholesale deal and captured it in a fancy infographic. I recommend you listen to the strategies on our podcast about how to this, although just by studying this visual, you will get an understanding of how powerful this strategy is.

Wealth Building Infographic.pdf


Books I reread each year.